EP "Legacy" - CD Review from UK's fRoots Magazine

Breathing fresh life into the increasingly moribund corpse of the global dance genre, this debut EP from Boston-based composers/producers/multi-instrumentalists Milan Kovacev and Nikola Radan features an imaginative combination of live instruments, beats and samples, self-consciously combining genres and cultures to create something that's closer to sound collage than the usual mindless party soundtrack. A couple of pieces feature samples of former US presidents and others combine Christian and Muslim musical traditions, making a point about potential for global harmony along the way. If this all sounds too wholesome and high falutin' for its own good, then it's also worth noting that there's a lot of infectious fun to be had here.

The CoC sound rocks rather then swings, but it rocks mightily well. The opening Hagia Sophia celebrates Instanbul (that most culturally mixed up of cities) with a catchy saz riff and crunching beats; Metamorphosis is based on a melody composed by a 17th century Protestant composer who converted to Islam, and the closing Hiroshima combines samples of a speech by President Truman with Japanese music recorded during the Second World War. Powerful stuff and with only a 22-minute running time, one of those rare releases that you want to hear more.

By Jamie Renton

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