(music: Kovacev/Radan - lyrics: Ottoman Language Psalm 5: collection of psalms, known as Mezmurlar released in 1665. Translated and transposed from Latin to Ottoman by Ali Ufki)

Diyeceğim kelimātim
Ya Allah sen eyle ir 'a
Sana ederim istir 'a
Bil efkār u taallümatimi Melāmetimi.

Incline thine ears, O Lord, and let
my words have free access
To thee, who art my God and King,
from whom I seek redress.

Zirā ya vehhab ya settar
Sādika virüp berekāt 
Hem lütfun idüp harekāt
Siper gibi ide istitar

For thou with favour wilt increase

the just and righteous still;
And with thy grace, as with a shield,
defend him from all ill.




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