Milan Kovacev

Milan Kovacev (aka Hip Son) is Boston-based songwriter, electronic music artist, music producer and music publisher. His music has been performed on various TV shows aired on networks such as MTV, VH1, Fox TV, BBC and ITV. His composing credits include songs and scores in indie movies, documentaries, commercials and various promotional media.

Milan's discography includes: album "Counter Propaganda" and EP "Legacy" with his collaborative project Clash of Civilizations released on Dialogue, EP "Yes No" with Rambo Amadeus released on Hip Son Music, instrumental albums"Easygoing", "UpBeat" and "Instrumental Music Volume One" released on Hip Son Music, album "Balkan Tribes" released on Mouthful Records, 12" vinyl "Hands on Yello" released on Urban Records, 12" vinyl "Don't Close The Door" released on OffWorld Records, a CD compilation "Balkans Without Borders" released on Omnium Records.


Photo by Roger Gordy

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