Nikola Radan

Nikola Radan is Boston based flutist, composer, songwriter and producer. Considered one of the most versatile artists in today's contemporary music, his music manages to be experimental while at the same time being accessible to the listener, in fact audience participation has been an increasingly integral part of his live performances. Nikola is the founder of critically acclaimed world music ensemble BalMus and cofounder of Clash of Civilizations music project. Nikola established himself as an artist who has been pushing boundaries between music genres and world traditions, and does so with a fundamentally independent and entrepreneurial approach that is in tune with the changing times.

His first debut CD as a composer and producer "Les Images Des Voyages" was released in 2003 and distributed worldwide. Nikola's opus includes works for numerous solo instruments, string quartets, woodwind quintet, percussions, piano, voice, string orchestra with middle eastern instruments and symphonic orchestra. His music was premiered in the Istanbul Jazz Festival 2004, St. John's Smith Square Concert Hall in London 2005, Carnegie Hall 2006, and Houston Contemporary Music Society 2009 among many other places across USA, Japan and Europe, as well as music scores for several documentaries and independent films which were played on PBS, Sundance and IFC channels.

Nikola's current project, Clash of Civilizations, pursues music which is provocative and has an evolving and open concept that is influenced by politics, religion, science and the other humanities. Coupled with his unique way of musical storytelling and experimentation, the CoC became an ideal platform for bringing up another way of speaking out on some of the topics that confront regular people, overlooked and downtrodden by political and economic games being played out on a larger scale. The group's latest record, CD Counter-Propaganda, has been released by DIALOGUE Records in July 2009, and further explores these concepts.


Photo by Roger Gordy

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