The interview with Clash of Civilizations - "Radio Boston" WBUR Boston: Building Bridges With Electronica

Milan Kovacev and Nikola Radan are not afraid of mixing and matching musical genres. In fact, it’s their bread and butter. Composers and producers originally from Serbia, the duo met in Boston and quickly formed the electronic music project “Clash of Civilizations.” Radan and Kovacev’s work is heavily influenced by Harvard professor Samuel Huntington’s seminal text of the same name. Their project’s focus is to bridging the world’s cultural divides through the splicing, fusing, and weaving of disparate musical traditions.
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The review of the album "Counter Propaganda" from

A fascinating multicultural project, Clash of Civilizations not only puts musical traditions in a blender, but also sprinkles in those often taboo subjects, religion and politics. Boston-based composers Milan Kovacev (aka Hip Son) and Nikola Radan both hail from Serbia, a land that has suffered more than its share of clashes.
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The review of the album "Counter Propaganda" from UK's fRoots Magazine

Their combination of electronics, live instruments, vocals and snippets of political speeches is still the same though and can be heard as its best on blues-infused opener Declaration of Independence.
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The review of the album "Counter Propaganda" from Progressions Magazine

Revolutionary. That’s the best way to describe the music and mission of this eclectic Boston collective. Headed by Serbian natives Milan Kovacev and Nikola Radan, Clash of Civilizations blends an encyclopedic knowledge of world music with a rebellious knack for challenging conventions.
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The review of EP "Legacy" from UK's fRoots Magazine

Breathing fresh life into the increasingly moribund corpse of the global dance genre, this debut EP from Boston-based composers/producers/multi-instrumentalists Milan Kovacev and Nikola Radan features an imaginative combination of live instruments, beats and samples, self-consciously combining genres and cultures to create something that's closer to sound collage than the usual mindless party soundtrack.
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Clash of Civilizations Musically Projects Their View of Politics, History and World Issues


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