Clash of Civilizations Musically Projects Their View of Politics, History and World Issues

Debut album "Counter Propaganda" exposes musical, political, cultural and ideological clashes

Boston, MA - Clash of Civilizations, a Boston-based electronic/world music project, paints a creative and provocative musical portrait of modern times by intertwining music from around the globe, historical and political samples, ancient melodies, and original native instruments.

Led by Milan Kovacev and Nikola Radan - friends, composers, and music producers - the Clash of Civilizations project also involves creative musicians and performers from the U.S., Iran, Israel, Turkey, Cyprus, France, Albania and Serbia based in Boston and New York.

Clash of Civilizations first made waves during 2008 when politically-charged sites across the Internet began sharing their single "Change in America," which the group had created and donated for free to Barack Obama's political campaign. "Change in America" turned heads both within the political news establishment as well as at more mainstream media sites including BBC 1, NPR, and others.

Clash of Civilizations fundamentally refutes the myth that the differences between races, cultures, and civilizations can only be bridged by military, economic, or cultural domination. The project takes a musical approach to illustrating the common musical bonds found within all cultures.

Described by Radio Muse as "one of the most original and interesting music concepts we've heard in a long time," by UK's fRoots Magazine as "powerful stuff and one of those releases that you want to hear more," and as an "fascinating album" by, Clash of Civilization's debut 10-song album "Counter Propaganda" is available online and at select physical retailers on the label Dialogue Records.

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