(music: Kovacev/Radan - lyrics: a collection of war reporters’ audio samples)

People displaced by the clashes,
They were terrified its traumatic experience
… the uncertain future…
Long and treacherously journey

The Refugees

Who fled their war ravaged country
Chaotic situation
Not being able to return,
Back to their Homeland

Humanitarian crisis of massive proportion

People have died as the result of the fighting
They were terrified its traumatic experience
Civilians caught between the armed fighters and the military
Driven from their homes

Shooting continues this morning
Entire village is wiped-out
Internally displaced people
They now face uncertain future.

More than six hundred,
More than two thousand
Thirty thousand
Tens of thousands
Quarter of a million
Hundreds of thousands
The Refugees

Peace will prevail
So they can return home
Internally displaced people
They should get ready to go home.

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