Sky Cruz

Drummer and composer born and raised in Puerto Rico. As a late comer to music he knew that he had a disadvantage, starting at 16 years of age he practice 6-8 hours a day for 4 years. Within the six months of this rigorous practice routine he won an audition to play in a musical called Ariana where he was the youngest musician, that same year he won the battle of the bands playing Dream Theater tunes that people said he could never play. After that he has never lost a drum competition yet. By the time he was 18 he was the band director and lead percussionist for Hilary Clintons campaign in Puerto Rico. He is also being called the new approach to latin music. 

After one year in College he decided to take his music and playing to a higher level of competition, he was accepted into Berklee Collage of Music and moved to Boston to play with some of the best drummers and musicians out there. He was mentored by some of the greatest up and coming drummer like: Matthew Garstka, Yaahn Hunter jr, and Calvin Ferner. Also studied under Kim Plainfield, Mike Mangini and Ricardo Monzon. After taking his playing to the next level he was offered to endorse Foxy Drummer where he then later proceeded to received a signature line of drum sticks at the age of 20 and does clinic tours around the world for them. Interestingly enough he studies classical composition at Berklee, and has able to work composing for local tv shows and is currently working in a big feature film called Atico that will be featuring big names like hollywood star Benicio del Toro. Who knows what the future holds, in only 4 years he accomplished this, as a part of Clash of the Civilizations the possibilities are endless. 


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